Morning Poem, March 15, 2015

Some men dream of countries far away

And of ruined castles on hilltops

Or streams that ran cold and blue

Out of some deep forest and into

impossible sunlight.

They remember what they have seen

And know it now in memory

Where colors are deeper

And music sweeter

Than what was once actually lived.


Some men dream of calm cities

Where horses the colors of sunset

Prance down wide streets between great houses

Where pain and failure have been surpassed

And there is no waste

They imagine the air in those cities

As light, and tasting of the miles of pine and

Ancient hemlock

That surround its gates.


Other men long for the touch of a hand

That they have not known for forty years

And imagine it would heal them

And make them again the men they were

Or once hoped to be.

Copyright 2015

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