About This Blog

I am just having fun here; writing about things that I’m doing around the house, experiences riding my bicycle and, more than likely, stuff that I am studying or contemplating for Sunday School lessons.  But I am also blogging snippets from my soon-to-be-finished novel.  These will be frustrating to some, as they are out of order, but some readers might bear with them and offer me some valuable criticism or even encouragement.




5 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Meg Campbell says:

    Hi Beak, This is Meg Campbell. My sister, Amy Hickman, sent me the link to your blog. I am enjoying your poetry and love the beginning of your third novel. We have some writers in my family as well. Perhaps we can share some words sometime.
    Best of luck with your books!

  2. naypeace13 says:

    Hi. Your blog is really cool. I am writing a book two. Come check it out:https://nay71122020.wordpress.com I try to post every Friday so hope you like it.

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