Mid Day Poem, March 13, 2015



As if carried by wings I silently fell

Into the crowd that gathered as it moved

One young man looked at me

and I asked him “Why are you walking so?

Where are you going?”

There are reasons to be optimistic, he said

Reasons to be hopeful.

These others around me have no idea.


They don’t know why they are going or where.

“Why, then, are you walking with them?

Where are you going and why do you go?”

You’re not listening, he said to me

I’m telling you that I have plans

There are reasons to be optimistic

Things are going to work out in the end.


“I have heard that somewhere before,”

I told him.  “But it doesn’t answer my question”

This pained him, I could tell from his face

You can’t expect to have every detail figured out,

he said.    But I am talking about life.

Not like these others.


Copyright 2015


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