The Woman Changes Her Mind

What follows is a snippet from my novel in progress, The Secret of Hill Grove.  To make sense of this you have to know that the thought in these paragraphs is that of Rachel Thompson, the protagonist of the book.  She is giving thought to a man named Jacob Eaton – someone she knew and treated poorly in high school and who went on to tremendous success in the world.  Rachel is recently widowed now and Jacob still unmarried.  He has made contact with her again since her husband died, but she gave him no encouragement.  In these paragraphs, she reconsiders.  Thanks for reading.  Ed.


In the five hours between this conversation and Jacob’s next call to her she thought of nothing but Jacob and the possibility of treasure.

Every connection that she had lately had with him had been very pleasing.  His kind words encouraging her to buy the house; his understanding of her dream; his image of her character; his gallant surrender of any unwanted pursuit of her; his humble view of his own success; and – this was painfully attractive – his competence and consequence in the world.  She had wondered more than once what exactly it had been that had prevented her from stopping him from walking out of her door that day six months ago.  Why had she not done as her heart then urged her?  Why had she refused him the happiness that he still most sincerely sought in her?

And now it was clear to her.  She was unable to encourage him now when she had treated him so shabbily before since now she was in vulnerable financial position and he was, so to speak, king of the world.  How would it look if she now said yes to everything she had said “no” to when they were on equal footing?  She would not have it appear that her acquiescence in his pursuit of her was based on financial interests.  She could not have lived with herself for that.  Any relationship would have to be based purely on mutual affection.  It would have to appear that way to everyone, particularly Jacob.  He deserved no less.  She would give him no less.

But what if there really was a treasure?


copyright 2018

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