Let’s Go Away


We’ll leave the house tomorrow night

Buy new clothes that fit us right

Find the farthest southern flight

Take time to smile, see every sight.


We know the places we should go

Ocean sunshine, mountain snow

We’ll fill our bags with lots of dough

And spend it all to make a show


We’ll bet the ranch and call their bluff

Then sleep until we’ve had enough

You’ll be demure and I’ll be tough

We’ll show ‘em all, we’ve got the stuff


We may not come home again

Just keep moving with the wind

Looking up our long-lost friends

Following highways, as they bend.


It’ll be great fun, just you and me

Far as any eye can see

You’ll be footloose and fancy free

I’ll be happy as a man can be.



copyright 2017

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2 Responses to Let’s Go Away

  1. labeak52 says:

    I was thinking about that. Why don’t you come up with something? Collaboration is always better. We’d be the new Lennon-McCartney. You can have half the royalties.

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