evening poem, september 9, 2015


As the brightness fades from afternoon to evening

At the first shade of twilight, they appear

Silent as ghosts and

Their dun coats blending against the now dulled colors of the land

Frozen at the junction of forest and meadow

They are indistinct from the grey stone outcropping

That mottles the hillside

They stand and wait, erect, in dignified bearing

As if for some signal or sign

And then, dropping heads, move from the forest’s edge into the broad meadow

As if onto a dance floor

As if the song they had been waiting for was now playing.

And now they run, faster than horses

Silent as soaring birds

Until the youngest one crosses the creek

And her hooves clack against the flat rocks.


They are playing; one chasing another

They circle and romp; tails bobbing

And duck into scrubby bushes and out again.

As if taunting one another

This is joy.

If they were speaking animals they would be laughing now

Laughing and calling each other’s nicknames.

Copyright 2015

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