Midnight Poem, February 28, 2015

I stare through the window at the nightscape
Covered again in snow
This is the last of hard winter
This night of sharp cold.

Through this window I see only lawns and driveways
But I know the woods are not far away
And I want to leave this warm comfort

And go there in this last breath of the season
I know that on the hilltops this new powder
Will whip across the old white crust
Like sand blown across the desert floor
And on the frozen river the windblown grains
Will glide across like silk over glass
And whisper like shivering wings

I know that under this cobalt sky
The snow will be faint blue
And the tree shadows fainter blue
And there is a chance that I will glimpse the stag
Running just below the ridge
Crushing the hard packed snow with every bound
His breath visible in the frigid air
Copyright 2015



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