What would confidence do for you?

What if you were sure that your ideas were good ones?

That they were not the same, old things

That everyone already knows?


What if all that thinking

All that reading

All those trials and all those errors

For all these years

Has really gone somewhere

And all those people in front of you

Are starving for the very knowledge

you assumed was common

And that you live by every day?


What if you got some clue

some tell-tale sign, unintended?

Someone, somehow lets it slip

In a way that is more trustworthy than open praise

That what you said

nourished them

or changed a decision

or confirmed and strengthened a wavering resolution?

What if you had found a better way to say it

Words that would penetrate the fog of complacency

and conventional wisdom?

Something that would work

and move someone, somewhere

out of this accepted misery

and maybe into joy?


What would you do then, huh?

Would there be any end to your writing?

Would there be any bottom or top to your bliss?


Heh.  Would you start blogging?


copyright 2014

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2 Responses to Confidence

  1. “Someone, somehow lets it slip

    In a way that is more trustworthy than open praise” – well, now I feel like I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this piece.

    As for what I would do then: I’d probably have to keep writing, because if I could nourish one person, I could nourish more. Thank you for posting this!

    • labeak52 says:

      LOL. I really put myself in a spot there, didn’t I? Well, nonetheless, I thank you for reading the poem and for the kind comment. I will take it at face value that you really enjoyed it. I hope you’ll find other stuff on my blogs that you’ll like.
      Larry Ellis

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