Evening Post,September 9, 2014

No poem this evening, sorry to say.  I’ve spent the evening patching places between the chapters in my soon to be released novel Overtime: A Basketball Parable.

The book is kind of a mix between “Field of Dreams” (but, basketball instead of baseball) and “Back to the Future” and a little bit of CS Lewis’s The Great Divorce.

I may post some segments of it here on this blog to try to draw all of you readers in.  But right now my inner circle has the manuscript and we’ll wait to hear from them, first.

Stay tuned.


BTW  You can still get my first book – In The Forest Of The Night – for a buck ninety-nine over at Amazon for another day or so.  Come on.  Two bucks?  How could you possibly go wrong?


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2 Responses to Evening Post,September 9, 2014

  1. Looking forward to going from beginning to end.

  2. labeak52 says:

    Looking forward to your impressions and comments.

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