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Twenty-Four More Hours

Yep.  Just one more day to download your free copy of the new dystopian thriller, Days That Ever Come.  It’s a short read, challenging and engaging and prescient about the issues we now face as a culture and where we might be … Continue reading

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Storytime in The Mountains

    On a weekend retreat right now.  At a state park in the mountains.  Extended family along.  My seven-year-old niece allowed me to read to her from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine.  I read one of the chapters about Leo … Continue reading

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What I Love About Blogging (VII): Freedom, Resistance, New Voices

The blogosphere is a place of unprecented freedom.  It is new country, largely unregulated, where anybody can say just about whatever they want to say.  And if you look around long enough, you will find voices – unique and worthwhile … Continue reading

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Finding A New Literary Gem

I’ve been a Cormac McCarthy fan for years.  For some reason – the alignment of the stars? – I read the review of All The Pretty Horses in the New York Times Sunday Book Review right after that book was … Continue reading

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