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midnight post, May 13, 2015

Arthur Wentz looked out his office window. He had had this same view for twenty three years now and it was a grand view. His was a corner office on the thirty-third and highest floor in the new Commerce Bank … Continue reading

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Evening Post, March 5, 2015

This heavy snow that comes late in the winter has its own look.  The daylight, though grey with the storm, lasts longer than in mid-winter and in the early evening there is something about the grey and white as they … Continue reading

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What Stevie Wonder Can Do For You

When you dig out those old records and have time to put them on and are brave enough to put them on He can make you remember           (yester-me, yester-you, yesterday) The thrills and the love            (for once I have … Continue reading

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Morning Poem, February 11, 2015

Last night I dreamed Of a house in town Where once an old friend lived.   It had fallen to me To buy the place and save the world from sin.   I hadn’t the money Had not the means … Continue reading

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Magic in The Air

She finishes the dishes and opens the back door, the one from the kitchen, and takes the white bag of trash and spins it  and ties the cinches at the top and steps onto the porch and it hits her.  … Continue reading

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Looking For The Red Notebook

I know that somewhere in this house there is a red notebook.  It has thick, unlined pages with deckle edges.  I bought it more than twenty years ago, when the boys were just babies.  In that book are poems that … Continue reading

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Sharing a Secret

I’ve been listening to rock and roll all of my life.  Started with the Beach Boys and Beatles, way, way back when.  I like the fast stuff – Steve Miller, Derek and The Dominos, Allman Brothers, you name it. But, … Continue reading

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Twenty Minutes

Only twenty minutes Till the ride comes and the day starts and I am immersed in the flow of a thousand things one of which might really matter. . Twenty minutes to be alone and to think about what does … Continue reading

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Listening to Arvo Part

I hear the notes fall like snowflakes soft and pure and perfect. Where does this peace come from? This rest, this light, this beauty? Surely it is born of the human ache for freedom and transcendence.   It all comes … Continue reading

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How The Butterfly Disappeared

In mid summer In early morning The sun just up, the shadows long across lawns Still wet with last night’s rain The first breath of the day still cool and sweet I saw in the sunlight, against a blue sky … Continue reading

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