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morning poem, November 28, 2016

When young and small I knew not the world Some brought me poetry The eyes and ears of those Who’d come before And seen the heavens And the earth And heard their voice That has gone out to the end … Continue reading

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Morning Post: February 12, 2015

The School Library, Part 2 The other thing that I found that one could do in the library on those early mornings was this: nothing.  One could cross his arms before him on the table and rest his head and … Continue reading

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Noonday Post, February 11, 2015

THE SCHOOL LIBRARY The whole idea of a study hall was foriegn to me.  To actually have an hour in the schoolday where you were not being lectured or writing or taking a test.  To have an hour unsupervised where … Continue reading

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Interview With Sarah Lantz, part III

SCQ:   I’m sure it will be. But, let’s go back to your class. You said that your students are getting an education. Can you be just a little more specific? What are they actually learning?   Mrs. Lantz:      They are … Continue reading

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Interview Of Sarah Lantz, continued

  Sarah Lantz is the primary benefactor of the Shelton College.  She also teaches an English class for girls here at the school.  This is a continuation of the transcript of the interview she gave to Shelton College Quarterly (“SCQ”) … Continue reading

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