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It’s the biggest deal in all of history.  So staggering and illogical to our minds that it is often, if not usually, misunderstood.  I’m talking about the biblical doctrine of grace.  But right now, I am not quoting scripture, but … Continue reading

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Morning Poem, April 5, 2015

Easter Poem What can we do with this man now? They must have asked We killed him And now they say he is not dead We cannot find his body And if we killed another, just to create evidence His followers … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Poetry

Some of my friends don’t like poetry. These guys are neither dull nor unsophisticated. They read widely, some of them, and I find their tastes in prose pretty comparable to my own. More than once I have tried a book … Continue reading

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morning poem, september 28, 2014

Sunday Morning     Today begins just like yesterday did Except a minute and a half later But that difference is explained by natural processes The Earth tilting on its axis.   Where is the sign that this is the … Continue reading

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morning poem, september 4, 2014

There was a man, I’m told By those I trust Who came and lived Like one of us.   He said that he Was from above He said that we Should share his love.   We have our cares Confusion, … Continue reading

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