About “Jacob and Rachel”

I’ve been blogging for a long time now.  Many years.  Yet there are still aspects of the game that remain mysterious to me.  Here is one:  I posted a story here back in August that I titled “Jacob and Rachel.”  The piece was from a novel I had underway several years ago.  I guess I stumbled back onto this segment somehow, thought it was pretty good, and on kind of a whim, I guess, I reposted the thing.  I got several “likes” on the piece at the outset – a dozen or so, which is about normal for this blog.  But then I posted another piece, another story, this one titled “The Last Day of Summer,” and, just like normal, I got somewhere between 15 and 20 “likes” on it, right off of the bat.  Normal.

But then this happened.  After the first little flurry of reactions to “The Last Day of Summer,” I started to see more “likes” coming in on “Jacob and Rachel.”   That is odd.  Usually when a post gets surpassed on the blog; that is, when another post is placed at the top of the blog, the underlying post gets no more attention. My regular subscribers have already read it or already seen and ignored it and that’s that.  But not this time.  It’s by no means a flood of interest (wish it was) but almost every day or night one or two new “likes” will be posted on “Jacob and Rachel.” 

What I want to find out is why/how is this happening.  Are the new readers finding this story posted somewhere else?  Are they digging down into the blog for some reason? Hearing of it by word of mouth?  I’d sure like to know.  Can any of you kind readers help me with this?  I’m not mad about it, by any stretch, or trying to assert any rights.  I just want to know how and why this post, submerged as it is now, continues to be read and to get attention.

I am so encouraged by the play this story is somehow getting that I have gone back to the old novel and started to rework it.  I’ve got quite a bit of the back story to “Jacob and Rachel” – some drama that will make the post you’ve already read make more sense.  Give it some body or context. I’ll be posting that one soon.

I’d appreciate any help/feedback here.


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