Morning Poem, June 12, 2020


Look at the leaves

All damp with dew

Sparkling in the morning light

Branches lift like blessing

All calm now, all is bright


The telephone wires

They sag and rock

Like cradles, everyone

The birds sing hallelujah

In a thousand different tongues


Their chorus, written for the day

Is sung just once, then passed

Though beauty is the truth, they say

And truth forever lasts

The hour flies, the dew is dried

And morning’s lot is cast.


I think then, as I walk away

Of what I glimpsed but didn’t see

My heart aches to go back an hour

And wait again for thee.

Copyright 2020

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2 Responses to Morning Poem, June 12, 2020

  1. Patrick O'Reilly says:

    interesting thing about poetry to me is the challenge of deducting what is in the poets’ mind. It’s kind of like going to a museum and trying to identify what the artist was thinking, Or what inspired them to compose the work. I have the same fascination with poetry trying to reconstruct what inspired the poet. then I read the poem over a few more times and it contributes to my better understanding of nature, and that there is a lot actively going on around us that we either don’t notice or don’t give it deserving thought.
    Your poem inspires me to work on a way that would popularise poetry more by the reader gaining an understanding of the poems’ content. The idea is to place a Q R on the poem title so that the reader, using a cellphone app, could be immediately conveyed to the authors’ website and thetein receive a written explanation of all aspects of the poets’ thinking in composing the poem.
    What do you think, Larry?

    • labeak52 says:

      Thanks, Patrick. For starters, I don’t know what a “Q R” is. I’m not very tech savvy. I am willing to talk about things I’ve written, and flattered that anybody takes my work seriously enough to inquire about it. But most of my poetry is not the result of serious, conscious thought. I write most of them – including these two most recent ones – while I am sitting on my back deck, looking out at the trees. And I just write down what comes to me. I don’t know that I could give very satisfactory answers to anyone who inquired about their meaning. Again, thanks for your comment and interest!

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