Country Song

I walked down main street yesterday

All the stores are gone away

Boarded windows, bolted doors

It isn’t what it was before

‘Cause once upon a time this place

Was filled with God’s amazing grace

. . People used to dream here

. . And they used to believe here

. .The sky was not the limit

. .Their hearts and souls were in it

. .They bore the burden every day

. .And went to church to sing and pray

And now the streets are empty things

Nobody dances, no one sings

What happened I can’t really tell

Why no one comes to ring the bell

They lost their faith in broken dreams

And gave away their souls, it seems

Surely they know not what they do

To give up truth and beauty, too

I guess they thought that chasing thrills

The needles and the little pills

Would all their empty places fill

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