(And now for) The Rest Of The Story

My last few posts have been segments from my novel in (very slow) progress.  If you’ve read these late posts, you may want to get a taste of what came before to familiarize yourself with the story and the characters.  This whole project began with a short story I wrote years ago about an old mansion in the town where I live.  To get to that story, click here.

The novel itself begins with a look at Rachel Thompson only days after the death of her husband, John.  To get there, click here.   This bit is followed by a telephone conversation between Rachel and her friend Susan that you can read by clicking here.

Here is the chapter where Rachel actually buys the house. 

There is a back story in the book.  The way the mansion came to be built is an important part of the story.  The was a guy named William “ISaac” Martin who made his fortune in the timber business in the early part of the 20th century.  For a bit of his story, click here 

Mr Martin finds his way to Austria, through a business connection with WK Vanderbilt (a real, historical person) and there he meets Rebecca with whom he falls in love and for whom he builds the mansion back in the United States.  To read of the lover’s first meeting, click here.

In order to marry Rebecca and bring her to the United States, Isaac Martin must meet the approval of her aunt, one Bertha Von Suttner (also a real person, the author of the world-famous novel “Lay Down Your Arms” and Nobel-Prize winner).  For their conversation, click here.

And here

To get the back story of the relationship between Rachel and Jacob Eaton, click here.

Thats all I have time to put together right now.  More soon.

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