New Song


I’ve  worked all my life for the BMI

Puttin’ the squeeze on the little guy


I’m gonna find the puniest guy in town

Walk in his place and shut him down

Don’t care if I leave ‘em with a frown

I gotta get more money for Jackson Browne


I’m gonna make Joe Walsh another hundred million

If I have to shut down the junior-high cotillion


There were two old boys mowing lawns on my street

Told me they had a band with a rockin’ beat


“When we cover “Surfin’ USA”

We can’t even figure out who to pay


“‘Cause Brian Wilson ripped off Little Sweet Sixteen

We’re revving up our engines and it sounds real keen.


“And when we cover Creedence, we don’t know what to do

“Green River” sounds exactly like “Suzie-Q”


“If we were really being honest, man; really on the level

You could trace it all to Rosedale, where Johnson beat the devil


“So when someone takes a guitar lick and change a note or two

It isn’t rocket science, man, it’s just the blues


“This isn’t Zubin Mehta, man.  It ain’t the philharmonic

It’s all a simple five-note scale called minor pentatonic


“Now I wonder why the stars think  that what we do is wrong

We made you rich and famous, man.  You should let us play your songs”


I’m tired and embarrassed for myself

Taking all the wind out of little towns’ sails


For all these copyrights and gramophone awards

These cats are all playin’ the same three chords


That Chuck Berry found fifty years ago

They just took his biscuits, turned ‘em into dough


So why should I or anybody else care

If bub and sis should fill the air


With melodies some rich guy claimed

Heard somewhere else, then gave a name


I’m gonna leave the little man alone

Not gonna work no more for the Rolling Stones


Their lawyer’s papers are a bore

Ain’t gonna work on Dylan’s farm no more


copyright 2018

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