How Hard He Fell

Readers;  Here is another snippet from the book.  This one tells how Jacob Eaton fell in love with Rachel Thompson, the book’s protagonist.  It happened, years before the story in the book begins, when the two of them were about to graduate from high school.  At than time – before she was married – her name was Rachel Sanders.  Thanks for reading.  Ed.


When God said “It is not good that man should be alone,” He first formed out of the ground every beast that swims, flies, crawls or runs and paraded them all before the lonely Adam.  And Adam gave names to all the animals; to the eagle and hawk and dove, the lion and the zebra, the pig and the cow. When all of that was done, the Scriptures say, Adam was still alone.  There was still no help-meet for him. Every name that Adam gave to every animal was his way of saying that this creature is not like me. How exhausting and finally disappointing for the lonely Adam.

It was only after this that God caused a great sleep to fall on the man.  He took out one of Adam’s ribs and from the flesh and bone of the man he created woman.  And when God showed Adam the new creature, Adam saw immediately he contrast. This one was different.  This one was like him. He gave her a name that was like his own. Surely Adam’s speech here is ecstatic: “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.”  It is, after all, the archetypal expression of the most fundamental dynamic of human life. The attraction that has survived almost intact for untold millenia; that has preserved and multiplied the race; and has given men the incentive for nearly every great accomplishment and the best consolation they will know this side of Jordan.

Jacob Eaton’s experience was much the same as Adam’s.  Given his rare intelligence and temperament, his young life had been a long process of giving names to the things around him that were not like him.  Things that did not provide the help he needed. For Jacob, the naming was not of animals, but of people. There were those who could run or swim or fly, but there was no one like him.  He found no true friendship anywhere. There was no one around who could match his intellect; no one who perceived the world so deeply as he; no one who saw through the façades; no one whose desires were so profound as his own; and finally, no one for whom the search for companionship had been so disappointing, so frustrating.

But one evening alone with Rachel Sanders had changed all of that.  Here, finally, was someone like him. Bone of his bone. Jacob’s ecstasy then was like that of a prospector who has long since given up hope of but stumbles at last onto treasure unimagined – the pearl of great price.  The very attraction that Adam first knew and that was strong enough to be passed on from generation to generation without dilution and thereby preserve the race over centuries now infected every cell of Jacob’s body, every neuron in his brain, and every chamber of his heart.

Jacob sold everything – every hesitation; every reservation; every fear; every other plan or goal – and bought with his soul the field in which this precious pearl lay.

copyright 2018

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