An Experiment in Writing


I guess that books come to be written and reach completion in many different ways.  Some writers, I’d guess, are organized and disciplined and apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair at the same time every morning and churn out the chapters regularly.  Then there are others who are more haphazard and try to grab scenes out of the air as those scenes occur to them.  Such writers, to be charitable to them, need “incubation time.”

The composition of my third novel, The House at Hill Grove, has certainly taken the later route.  Not a problem for me the writer, but a genuine pain to anyone who is trying to read along and understand the story when it comes in bits and pieces and out of order.

I knew that at some time I would have to go back and review all I have written before to get rid of inconstencies and to tie it all together.  I started that process this afternoon by digging out the first blog posts of this book on this blog.  Some of these are over a year old.  What I have done is read aloud the first five chapters – in order this time –  on my YouTube channel.  I am linking to those videos here for those of you who would like to get a better grip on the story as a whole.  You can treat the videos as podcasts and listen to them as you drive or run or workout.  You could even watch me on your TV.




Here they are:




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3 Responses to An Experiment in Writing

  1. That’s a cool idea

  2. labeak52 says:

    It has set off a vertible stampede of listeners. (NOT)

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