A Poem For Late Winter



Are you tired of all this snow

Do you long for one day of sunshine

Remember this: each day is a gift

Perfect in its way

Think about that first time you saw “Our Town”

And the day that Rebecca Gibbs got to live over

That might have been a snowy day

Even a late one in March

But she saw life unfolded there

And wished she had seen it before


Men have written poems and songs

On days just like this one

This very day

In some school hallway

Someone will be asked to the dance

On a stairway of some old school

Someone disappointed will be encouraged

By someone they admired

But did not know

On grey cold days, just like this one


In some barn on some white hillside

Where the wind whips around corners

And along the roofs

And no coat seems warm enough

A sow has given birth to eleven piglets

They nurse and squeal

And the farmer’s son looks on this miracle

With surprise and delight and wonder


Now look again at this snow

One moment it pours down like white abundance

Pressed together, running over

And now it is delicate lace

And falls onto lawn and walk

In reverent silence


copyright 2018

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3 Responses to A Poem For Late Winter

  1. my two word comments may seem flippant, but they are an affirmation of the truths that you eloquently and succinctly release into the ether with the touch of the keyboard. they are the thoughts that I wish I had more time to consider, but alas, I’m still caught up in the world of pressing deadlines and demanding clients and work that needs to be done yesterday. thanks for taking the time to remind us of what’s really important.

  2. labeak52 says:

    Thanks, Joe. I really enjoy releasing stuff into the ether. Looking forward to next week’s SCR meeting.

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