Rachel Kirby and Starlight

Here is just a little more from he novel in progress.  This is a little glimpse of the life and character of Rachel Kirby, the book’s protagonist.  The woman who decides to buy and rehab the old house. Ed.


Rachel Kirby’s life had known light, but never starlight.

She had longed for starlight.  When she listened to the songs on the radio, she heard music from another world.  She heard the singers describe and exult in a world of joy and mystery and love.  It was a world where the depths of the soul were filled and where every tear was dried away.  Where men and women were relaxed and daring.

She felt kinship with this other world.  It was hers.  It was where she truly belonged.  It was such a natural fit that she did not need to learn how to dance to this music; she just danced.  She moved as the music moved her.  When she was 13 she entered and won a dance contest and at every school party and hop she danced and at the end of every party she was sad, not only because the music and dancing had ended but because she knew that on one around her saw the same world that she did.  For them, the music was only a prop for real life, for the life that went on when the music stopped.  It wasn’t that way for her.

And this unnamed and indescribable joy was what she had missed in all of her real life, so far.  All of her adult life.


copyright 2018

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