Walk quietly into the early morning

And be expectant

There are secrets here

That will reveal themselves someday

The dreams of men and women

All of whom are gone on, now

Who once lived behind these doors

Are bright in the night-rinsed air.


Do not wait for sunrise or safety

The vision is subtle and lives in twilight

Bolt from the warm bed.  Escape.

Not breaking your fast

Not waking that brittle crust; that part of you

That hides the truth.

Forget fear and walk alone.


Catch sight of even one such ancient dream:

Some song once heard by some unknown Mozart

Some light seen by some born painter

Who never lifted a brush

And you will be changed; renewed

Remembering what you always knew:


That you should never have surrendered

And all your highest striving was not vain

All that work that no one else could see

Was not wasted

Every standard you set for yourself

Was noble and true

And every ship you envisioned on the horizon

Was really there.


That plum tree at the top of the hill

Is bright with blossoms in the spring

And in summer its branches droop with purple fruit

Luscious and round.


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