Book Review: A Prayer for Rain

Here is Andrew Spradling’s  thoughtful and well deserved review of Joseph Bird’s novel, A Prayer For Rain.
A Prayer for Rain by [Bird, Joseph]

Joseph Bird‘s forte as a writer is in portraying inner struggle.

The likeable protagonist in A Prayer for Rain, Trevor Larson, has his dreams dashed in a way  such that the reader would understandably say “stay down.” Bird creates a young man who most would divert their eyes from in our polite world. It is from that existence that Trevor rises, though not without hurdles and pitfalls. Trevor’s awakening and voyage of self-discovery are intriguing. Bird’s character development and storytelling are superb. I found myself immersed in the tale and the plight of the main characters – exactly where I want to go when I open a book. A great read!
You can buy the book by clicking here.
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