Small Town Jazz

He wears a brown suit

Although none of his patrons

Will even have a jacket on tonight

But he knows the rules

The flavor and aroma of this place

What it’s supposed to be

When the piano starts

Soft and slow

And the knives and forks

Clink against the china

There have been great musicians here

One old man, back in 92

Had played bass for Benny Goodman

He was here in town to visit his sister

Not just anybody would have heard about this

But the man in the brown suit, he knew

That was business, his business

To get the best, have the best

And oh, that night was fine

Did anybody know it then

Did anyone else hear the fine control

The unhurried line that waited on the melody

If not, if they did not know it then

Then surely some day, years down the road

They’ll remember that evening and won’t know why

But some song they’ve never heard again since then

Some lonely, aching song

Will play in their memory

And they’ll wish they could name it

And won’t be satisfied again

Till they hear it once more

And they’ll wonder

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