What Poetry Does


Show me the man who can put words together

For him it’s a gift and it goes on forever

The man who remembers each feeling and sight

The gold and blue mornings and silken black nights


Only he can recall the mistakes and  conquests

The worst of the worst and the best of the best

Some say it’s a calling, some call it a curse

He hears music and sings, don’t know which one comes first


They’ve tasted the sunshine and drunk in the storm

The burden so cold and the hearth-fire so warm

They tell how it happens and tell how it feels

They do it while laughin’, they let their minds reel.


There are many who feel and some who can say

But few who do both at the same time and they

Will open up life and make true men more bold

They deepen and broaden the young and the old


Copyright 2017

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