Afternoon Post, February 24

I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but I am writing another novel.  The working title is “Out In The Country” and the theme or subject of the book is fatherhood – particularly fathers and sons.  I’ve put up every piece of it I have written on another blog I started just for this purpose.  The name of that blog – you guessed it, “Out In The Country.”  I’ve just finished and posted another 700 words or so.  It consists of a conversation that the son has with a girl he interested in (he’s just gotten her out of a real jam) and then a conversation with his father  about the repercussions that might come as a result of what the boy did for the girl.  To make any sense out of the new post, you’ll have to read the one immediately prior.  I’ve titled the new post “Chapter VIII” and I think the one immediately before is, appropriately, “Chapter VII.”  You can go to he new post by clicking here.

And click here to link to the post immediately prior.


I hope some of you will find this intriguing enough to read through all the posted chapters.  There is a contact page on the new blog and I am interested in feedback.






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