When the rain stopped, the man walked out of the forest, out of the line of the winter-bare trees, and stood in the open with his cape around him.  At first I saw only his outline. It was then that I heard the music, coming, as it were, from the forest itself.  And then the bright light.  It was as if I knew it had been there all along.  I had never seen it before, but I somehow recognized it and knew that it was what I had longed for.  It seemed right.  It – the music, at once soaring and comforting, and the light that revealed all that had been enshadowed – seemed to fulfill all that I had hoped and believed.  All of that and more.  And then all doubt, even all self-doubt, was swallowed up.  I felt like I could have slayed ten thousand. And the man sang: “Every wall has been broken down; every gate will be open for you.  All you have held inside and wondered about and doubted is true.  You don’t need to worry any more.  All is of grace.  Receive grace and the song you will sing will go on forever.  It will circle the world.  Sing. ”



copyright 2017

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