Morning Poem, Jan. 27, 2017



Once I stood on a branch

That I thought was my home

No other was there

I was standing alone


And the branch started breaking

But I didn’t hear it

And one who I’d not known

Had the guts to come near it.


He climbed up the tree

And out on my limb

And said “Watch me jump, man.

Then we’ll do it again.”


“There’s nothing to fear

Except being passed by

It’s just water beneath us

If you jump you can fly.”


And he dove from the branch

And it shook as he flew

And I looked in the air

At the soles of his shoes.


And he yelled at the top

Of the arc of his dive

“Do it once and its over

Then you’ll know you’re alive.”


All so I went airborne

And plunged to the deep

And the icy cold lake

Woke me up from my sleep.


From there I went on

To a broadening way

And I owe him my life

I broke free on that day.


Copyright 2017

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3 Responses to Morning Poem, Jan. 27, 2017

  1. This should be published. In a book. In a library. And schools. And college professors should have their students analyze it for deeper meaning.

  2. labeak52 says:

    Ummm. . . . wow. Glad you liked it!

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