Morning Post: Lilias Trotter



This morning’s poem was inspired by this painting by Lilias Trotter.  You can find out more about this amazing artist and her amazing life by clicking here.


Image result for lilias trotter


Men in  boat

Floating on the water

Or do they float on some cloud

Nine strokes of the watercolor brush

And there they are, beneath the wisp of a moon


How can a painting be as quiet as this?

Where we see not what we’ve seen before

But what she saw, every shade and layer

And some idea, something imagined.

They are tired, these men, and are rowing home

They hunker, and even the ancient oars droop.


Or is it one man alone

Not on a waterway

But at sea in his soul?

One man who, as evening falls

Has at last decided to rest

And draw the oars patiently

Even as the daylight fades.



copyright 2017


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