The Squirrels and The Jay


The squirrels on the morning lawn have in them the force of life

It is a mysterious electricity, out of place in this soggy scene

They quiver and leap and float across the grass

They ascend tree trunks in the blink of an eye

Taut as wires, light as a dream

A vigor, almost violent, from some wild, red planet.


If not for them, today’s scene would be empty and mute


But now a Blue jay lights on my windowsill, far closer than before

I can see life in his eyes

And I see in his feathers sharp markings that follow some precise, breathtaking pattern

What do these lines map; and from what order come these vivid shades

That do nothing to hide or protect him?   These colors, these lines

Do not seem to be functional or practical, but more like some scream

Heaven’s blue amid all of nature’s greens:

“I am alive and touched with beauty”

copyright 2017

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