Morning Poem #3, December 29, 2016




At four in the morning I awaken and pull aside the bedroom curtain

Expecting only what is always there:  the lawns, the houses and garages

The streetlights and porchlights and yellow lights in bedroom windows

That seem eternally lit.

But in this moment a shadow emerges from deeper shadow

Without the slightest sound, the deer

Drops its head and grazes on the lawn across the way

She keeps her eyes ahead, looking, aware, even while every enemy is asleep

Then come the two fawns, white spotted and moving with adolescent insecurity

Do they see me in this little window, in this world away from theirs?

Now come three others, one with antler spikes

It is as if this scene was timed for me


The mother lifts her head from the grass, craning high now,

As if some scent is in the wind

In a moment all is vanished


copyright 2016

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