Morning Poem, December 1, 2016


Here is a poem that is written – or will be written – by Elizabeth (she doesn’t have a last name yet) after the death of her husband.  This poem will help to explain the emotion and rationale behind her decision to buy the old house.  The first chapters of the book about Elizabeth are already up on this blog.  You can dig back a few weeks on my posts and find them.



Even after all of this

After all of everything

There is something within me

That is yet untouched

It lies so deep that I knew it not

Had not the first idea or scent of it

Until this grief and loss

Until everything I had banked on disappeared.

I do not want what I had before

I no longer  want what I thought I wanted

Someone said that it took the longest winter

To discover that in her heart

There was an everlasting spring

A spring that is ever new

Even unto herself

And it blossoms in a way

Both known and unknown

The leaves are green and proportionate

But the breeze has in it

The scent of a thousand new flowers

Unique to this very day

This day alone

A mixture so rare

That it was till now unknown


Copyright 2016

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