Voices XIII



I believe that Jesus died for me.  I do.  Have since I was a kid, really.  All except for those first few years when I started getting drunk.  Then I didn’t believe anything.  Everybody knows that I still get drunk.  I stay drunk, by any sober man’s calculation.  But it isn’t like it was before.  I can function fine.  Drive a car, put in eight hours at the office and, most importantly, think clearly.  So, I am not a drunk anymore.  I’m an addict, which sounds even worse, but take it from me, most people you meet these days are addicted to something or another.  Or they have worse problems.  You know that, if you really think about it.   The times we live in are easy times, really.  But people make the awfullest messes of their lives.  Almost all of them.

But, back to Jesus.  I am a mess, thank you, but I know I am a mess – my liquor bill every month brings that home to me – and knowing that one is a mess is the first and maybe the only step of faith.  After a lot of thought and a lot of reading, I have concluded that the only people who won’t be saved are those who absolutely refuse it.  According to the Bible, we’re saved by something that has already happened.  Something that we didn’t have anything to do with (except in a bad way) and so what we do is not the point.  Here’s the thing: people who think they’ve got it together, well, that is the biggest impediment of them all. They are constantly worrying about measuring up and putting polish on their lives, keeping up appearances.  They are lying.


Copyright 2016

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4 Responses to Voices XIII

  1. And I was half expecting a him-a-layin road-kill poem. Interesting…

  2. well this explains the fighting the other day…

  3. labeak52 says:

    I’ll tell you about the inspiration for this one when we meet on Thursday. Let’s try to review Andy’s Mineralwells Opus this week.

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