Evening Poem, October 2, 2016




The hedges on the far corner of the lawn

Have been neglected more than a month

They are out of the way, I have said to myself

No one sees them in the ordinary flow of the day

And who wants to go into that corner

Of vines and webs and hornets and all things that thrive

On rain and sunshine in the heat of summer?


But in October I am without excuse

So I open the back fence gate

And wade through the long grass

To the wall of boxwood

The one boast of wildness, of wilderness

In this trimmed and mulched neighborhood

I am amazed at how the bushes have expanded

They are almost trees, now

Their branches enmeshed with each other’s

I clip and hack and stack the heavy branches on the ground

And find in the hearts of the bushes

Three of this spring’s bird nests, now black  and frayed

From all of summer’s rain


copyright 2016

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2 Responses to Evening Poem, October 2, 2016

  1. We will expect more writing now that October is here.

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