Morning Poem, September 18, 2016





Every morning the sunrise is later

The shadows linger longer

And the leaves all around show the first signs of rust

The first hints of yellow on the edges of the green.


On this morning I walked out

Expecting chill and decay

And saw on my fading lilac bush

A crazy, swirling vine

That had not been there before

It wrapped around and up, like a tornado

Laden with bright blossoms from the heart of summer


Look at them.  Look at that purple and blue

See the audacious growth

The way the blossoms each

Stand at attention

As if their strength will never fade, never end


Here is one thing saying

It will not play by the rules

Its internal fire burns

In spite of the death all around

Its blood still flows hot

And life still pulses

From the earth

Into the air.


Copyright 2016

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One Response to Morning Poem, September 18, 2016

  1. This is a wonderful way to start the week! Thank you for sharing!

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