a dream



I dreamed I was taking batting practice.  Didn’t get many details of what team I was on, but there must have been a team.  You can’t very well take batting practice on your own.  Somebody has to pitch, and you have to have gear and a field to hit in.  Had all of that in my dream.  And a coach.  Had a coach, too.  He shows up late in this dream.

Anyhow, I am swinging away, pitch after pitch, all of it seeming pretty routine; things going pretty much the way they might have always gone if this dream was real life and I had had a history with this team and a reputation for being a slap hitter – a singles hitter.  Because that’s what I was doing in this dream – swinging with all my might and hitting ground balls to the left side and every now and then a liner that might have been caught by an infielder in a real game, depending on where they were playing.

All of that pretty pedestrian and surprising to no one.

And then out of nowhere I made contact with a pitch and sent a fly ball into the air into left field.  It was a strange situation, because this swing was effortless; I didn’t even feel the contact.  It was almost as if I had swung and missed.  And I looked out into left field at the ball and when it started arching down I saw it bounce high beyond the fences and then into the river, far away.  When it sunk in to me what I had done I was surprised for a moment.  But then I felt very calm and I had the feeling  that I had learned all that I needed to know.

The coach did not look surprised.  I can’t recall his exact words to me, but it was something like “now you finally know what you can do. . .”


Copyright 2016

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