Morning Poem, June 18, 2016

Wait and be quiet
To move would be irreverent
Watch the sun move up the sky
Climbing through the branches of the ancient oak
Fix your eyes on the new leaves
As they glisten
And know the perfection
Of this single day
This one hour
The branches sway in the subtle breeze
As if in time, as if speaking
And the sunlight through the leaves
Dapples the new lawn
This is the beauty
Fading even now
That Monet strove to capture
And knew that he failed
Oh, wait and be quiet
Here is the beauty of the Earth
Not a thousand miles away
Not a thousand years away
When you are gone, you will ache for this
This place, this day, this moment.
Wait, and be quiet.

copyright 2016

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One Response to Morning Poem, June 18, 2016

  1. Wonderful poem, thank you for sharing it.

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