Here is an excellent post from my long-time buddy and fellow Shelton College Review founder, Joe Bird. This guy is a thoughtful writer and profound observer of human nature. He’s got more than one novel in the works. You’re going to be hearing more from him.


Joseph E Bird

Our house is a little backwards from most houses, where living rooms face the street and kitchens face the backyard. Ours is just the opposite. When I sit at the kitchen table eating, or writing, or paying bills, this is my view:


It’s a pleasant scene, especially in the mornings. And the neighborhood is great for walking. I see many familiar faces pass by. Some I know by name, some I don’t.

Larry, Poet Laureate of the Shelton College Review, walks by in the early evenings. He’s an athletic guy, so his gait is purposeful and steady. He walks, eyes ahead, and you get the feeling that he’s working something out in his mind. My guess would be that he’s nurturing an idea for a story, or finding the rhythm for a verse.

But I don’t really know.

Jim walks very slowly, head hung down. Like his dog died. But…

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