Long Shadow’s First Week

Andrew Spradling

With Brandon Lowe cppdFirst-week  sales of my novel, The Long Shadow Of Hope, went pretty well considering it was available in electronic form only: 25 sales, three 5-star customer reviews, downloaded in at least 11 states including California, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri, West Virginia, Illinois, Texas.

Ended the week with an interview on The Brandon Lowe Show locally here in Charleston, West Virginia, which can be heard by going to 95thesportsfox.com click podcast, and click Wednesday. Or soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/brandon-lowe-show/andy-spradling-05-04-16

Had a great time on the show and it was a good interview I believe. Brandon (above, right) has an innovative approach and is making a niche for himself here.

You can download The Long Shadow Of Hope by searching the title on Amazon.com. If you’re a member, it’s also on Kindle Direct.  The print version will be available very soon at Createspace.com and Amazon.com. If you get a rush out…

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One Response to Long Shadow’s First Week

  1. labeak52 says:

    This is news from my good friend and fellow member of The Shelton College Review, Andy Spradling. This guy has lots of stuff in the pipe right now, so – more to come.

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