Don’t Forget

At one o’clock this afternoon, I’ll be a guest on “FrankieSense and More,” an internet-radio talk show hosted by Frankie Picasso. She’ll be interviewing me about my latest novel, Overtime: A Basketball Parable.

Angel Sessions, a new R&B/Gospel singer will also be on the show. I’d did not know about her till now, but I have since listened to and fallen in love with her music. It is warm, mellow and joyful and reminds me so much of the beach and soul music I grew up listening to. Boomers will know what I mean – Aretha Franklin, Bobbie Lewis, Carla Thomas, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Butler . . .

She’s got soul.

I hope you’ll find time to tune in today. Here is a link to the show’s website. You just click on the “listen now” button at one o’ clock and I’ll be there.

Here is a link for Angel Sessions’ music:

You can also find her on YouTube.

And here is a link to my book:

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