Evening Poem, February 21, 2016

I could not wait for the morning
To see what the moonlight had done
It’s a proven fact you know
You put a board out in the lawn
Under the sign of Aquarius and it warps up
Under the sign of Pisces and it warps down
The heavenly bodies, they change things
They operate on the physical world
The Ancients were not wrong about that.
You ask any farmer.
Last night’s moon was full and soft
It turned the world into a pointalistic painting
Almost unfocused
I knew its power would last
Knew it would have its effects
And this morning I walked in the fields
Where the rain had left shallow lakes over the grass
And the moonlight was still there
Right on that slick surface
Silver white
I think the moonlight softens the soil
It penetrates at least three feet
And brings the earthworms out in droves
The long, slick ones that are too fast to catch
You step on the lawn after a night of full moon
And it will give way under your feet
Rain or not.
All the cars parked along the street
Had gone pastel
In marked contrast to those left in garages.
The morning birds wore the moonlight, too
A gloss over their feathers like the sheen on satin
I think they knew it and were proud
I wonder how long that will last
It’s the kind of thing no one ever thinks to measure.

Copyright 2016

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