Morning Poem, February 15, 2016

She walks through the snow as if walking through time
The storm had covered all, erasing the present
Yesterday’s litter, this year’s rust, the cracks in the pavement
All gone under white
The streetlights, the porchlights, the moonlight and starlight
All combine tonight
Every line is straight and even, every wall upright
And she comes walking through as if from the past
As if from another world: maybe this perfect, soundless world
She walks alone and seems unworried
Unaffected by this that has kept every car in its garage
And has closed the schools and churches
Is her coat, so perfectly fitting
From another day?
Does she walk to some grand house
Now long vanished
That has reappeared in the throes of this storm?
That house where yellow light from tall windows
Makes bright rectangles on the snow in the lawn?
Will there be someone at that door to meet her
Someone to take her coat?
Candles and wine on the table
And a fire in the hearth?

Copyright 2016

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5 Responses to Morning Poem, February 15, 2016

  1. I really like this. It feels like it might have been influenced by Laurus.

  2. May I repost on my blog (with full credit and copyright, of course)?

  3. labeak52 says:

    Of course you may post it. This poem is based on a real sight I witnessed last night in the hardest part of the snowstorm. You know, our neighborhood may be past its prime, but it still really looks charming in the snow. From my bedroom window the houses under snow and all lit up with porch-lights, streetlamps and everything, well, it is just luminous and dreamlike. Like that Thomas Kinkade guy – his paintings.

    Anyhow, I am looking out last night sometime after nine o’clock, snowing like crazy and light everywhere and nothing moving and quiet as an empty church and then I see this girl – young woman, maybe – just strolling along the sidewalk, heading somewhere and in no hurry. Not worried at all about that snow. If it reminded you of Laurus, that is because it is fast and loose with time. I write a lot about this little neighborhood of ours and I can be Laurus-like about it because I have been here for fifty years and have seen the changes come and go. Beyond that, as you are well aware, I am fascinated about the little history of this little place – particularly Shelton College. I am a sucker for lost causes, and I love the ambitious, yet traditional architecture of the old school. I wonder what went wrong and how things might have been different if they hadn’t. Maybe our neighborhood would look more like Lexington, Virginia. Maybe we can fix that up after one of us wins the Pulitzer.

    Anyway, I see this girl or young woman walking through the snow – the snow on the ground and the falling snow in the air and there was just something beautiful and almost magical about it. Like she was walking through this place as it might have been if good decisions had been made and had paid off in the last hundred years.

    Thanks for the comment and re-blog. I’m glad you liked it.


  4. A // W // F says:

    Yes. The answer is yes. Always. 🙂

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