night poem, January 25, 2016

Early to bed
It’s half the battle, you know
Half of what makes you
Healthy, wealthy and wise
People have made their fortunes
Telling you just that.

Sacrifice something, they say
A TV show or time on line
Just turn it off, whatever it is
And turn down the covers

But so much intervenes
One more chapter in the new book
Twenty more minutes with the guitar
I don’t really feel all that tired
Ten minutes with the checkbook
And now the phone rings.

Why does the time past fastest
Between nine and ten?

Get yourself down before it’s late
There is nothing like unhurried sleep
The moments relishing the feel of the cool sheets
And then the gathering warmth overall.
What is better than knowing you’ve done it right this time
And that tomorrow the morning will be yours.

Copyright 2016

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