Riding Early



I am out and on the road by five-thirty

Before light, before coffee, before sound

I tell anyone who asks that it is safer then

With no cars or trucks to deal with;

To wave around me as I steer the bike as close to the edge of the pavement as I dare to go.


That is one good reason

But it is not the real reason

It is not enough of a  reason to lose weekend sleep


I ride early to chase something that is lost

That has faded over the years

And that might reappear in that moment before the dew

When none of the cynics look on

And while the scorners still sleep


Copyright 2015

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2 Responses to Riding Early

  1. ericritter65 says:

    There is something magical about cycling and seeing the sky light up as dawn breaks and the fog starts to lift. Beautiful. And you would get a wave from me if we every crossed paths on our morning weekend rides!

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