Afternoon Post, August 12, 2015


Afternoon Fantasy


“We’re going to buy this book.  We misjudged it at first.  It’s not the kind of thing we’re used to seeing; wasn’t really on anyone’s radar.  But what it’s done on it’s own is impressive and we’ve given it another read and we’re ready to deal.  We’re convinced that the enthusiasm and appreciation that your readers so far have expressed can and will be multiplied by thousands with the right promotion, and that’s what we do.

“And we’re going to give you the advance you asked for right now, although, if sales are anything near what we anticipate, what you’ll see in the next twelve to twenty-four months will dwarf this check you’re getting today.

“And we want the first book, too.  This second book makes the first one marketable and, even more than that, valuable.  It will be easier for the reading public to get it – to see the merit and art in it – in the wake of this second work.  That is true for us, too.  We see the first book in a much different light now and we’re willing to double your advance for that book.

“And, one more thing.  All of this poetry you’ve been throwing out on this blog of yours – we want that, too.  No great market for poetry these days, but in the wake of these two novels, there will be buyers for that, too, and we don’t want anybody else to beat us to them.  So, get back to us and what you want for the first book and the poetry – we want all of it – and I know we can make a deal you’re going to love.”

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2 Responses to Afternoon Post, August 12, 2015

  1. And of course the Pulitzer is a sure thing.

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