Midnight Post, August 12, 2015

Here is a snippet from my first novel, In The Forest of The Night.  If you like waht you see, you can explore further here.

Varner saw a flicker of light on the tree line of the far mountainside.  He could not tell what had caused the glimmer, or whether it was his imagination.  Then, just below that tree line a hawk soared.  Everywhere in the valley was the silence of its flight.  It glided to the east in a line so true as to prove its total independence from the Earth, and that it drew no bearing from its shadows of turning nor from any fallen or imperfect thing.  It was so distant as to be barely perceptible to Varner.  He squinted and dropped his foot from the gas and the hawk seemed stationary in the air and all that moved was the Earth and the things of man and the things that will perish and the Earth moved in its axis and the cruiser coasted north and all things moved away until the hawk was nothing to them but a shimmer in the sunlight.

Copyright 2001

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