Seasons Within Seasons


It was just a little piece of summer

Late, after the hottest heat had gone

When we met on our bikes in the schoolyard

And circled around in the sun

I knew you and you knew me

Your sis was my sis’s best friend

But we never had spoken until that time

And never would speak again.

But for those few weeks our souls

Were one as if forever

We came each day to the same wide place

While pleasant was the weather.

It was as if the stars themselves

Had opened us a way

Where we might wander soul to soul

But only for a day

There was no ending to this time

No anger caused us parting

But way led on to way again

One day that lot was empty

Years on I think about those days

When you and I together

Spent hours happy while the world

Gave us time to wonder


There was a time in Autumn

Before the chill came on

When I found a hidden hillside

And looked down on the lawns

And all the town that I did know

I saw another way

And thought of how the people there

Must live from day to day

It was from that distance that I learned

That life was not a game

That something holy went on there

Even if not fame.


For just a week in winter

When snow had locked me up

I read the books my father kept

Upon his highest shelf

The days were quiet while I read

Of Plato and of Paul

Of Odysseus and Socrates

And Christ above them all.

It was as if the Lord Himself

Had given me that time

To think without distraction

Upon the life sublime.


There was a week one springtime

The why I’ll never know

When I couldn’t miss a baseball

Hit anything they’d throw

I wonder now if anyone

Had made a note of that

But the streak stopped quickly as it came

And I was just another bat.

copyright 2015

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