Morning Meditation

Psalm 4


1.    Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness.


Our righteousness is of God – Jehovah Tsidkenu . Our righteousness does not consist in our moral action or understanding, but only in God, who acts for us. Our existential triumphs, if any there be, will come as a result of our trust and rest in God; in our waiting for Him in opposition to all the world.


2.   You have given me relief when I was in distress.


David knows God experientially. He has trusted God in his trouble and extremity and found Him to be faithful and able.


3.    Be gracious to me and hear my prayer.


David is not praying to an abstract or unknown God. He is praying to the God he knows. The God who has revealed himself to David. The God who has already spoken to David. The God whom David has trusted and relied on and who has proven true.


4.    Oh, men, how long shall my honor be turned into shame?


David is now speaking to (of) his enemies. His enemies are the same as ours. They are those who slander and lie. “Diablos” – to slander and lie. This is what the world is like. It is not friendly to the truth. It is not friendly to the man who is true to God. This is what we must expect. The world “loves vain words and seeks after lies.”


5.    But know that the Lord has set apart the Godly for himself.


The first word in this sentence is important. “But!” In spite of the perversity and pervasiveness of the world and its slander and lies, God is here and he is active and he has set apart those who heed him for himself. He hears them when they call to him!

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