Voices II

When the old song comes on the radio and, through the swim club’s aging system, wafts into this sunny air, my transportation is complete.  Childhood living, the singer begins.  And that’s what it was, you know.  Childhood living.  We were the first generation to have the run of this once proud facility.  We were then the new club, with the coveted spot at the very top of the hill.  Our daddys had the good jobs uptown and we didn’t know at the time that there were others around who saw the differences in living standards that never occurred to us to observe.

There is little left of that world now.  There is no hiding the fact that when this season is over, the club will shut down permanently.  They will take a bulldozer to the hillside and fill the pool in to protect the trustees from liability once the property is abandoned.  I’m the only one here this morning, other than the staffers, who are probably doubtful of their next paycheck.

Even now, though, the place retains some of its beauty and charm.  The crystalline water sparkles on this August morning, flickering white lines of light on the concrete wall behind the high diving board.  And on the radio now there is Al Green.  Was any music ever so carefree, so buoyant?

I’ve got to say I will miss this place and everything it brings back to me.

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